The Awakening – Now Available to Download

Released February 25, 2014

The Awakening is an audio MP3 download, an introduction to The Interconnectedness of Life. This is a free download, with the option to donate. 100% of the donations go to the project. Feel free to copy and pass this audio file to others. Enjoy! Download here

We are Interconnected Films    Writer and Narrator: Michael Lanfield    Audio Editor: Michael Lanfield    Covers and titles: Michael Lanfield    Narration Editor: Lucie Battaglia    Music: Moby /

The Awakening – An Introduction to The Interconnectedness of Life


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t been updating much, but I have been extremely busy with the book and film. I have a real exciting update for you. In about a month or two we will be releasing a free introduction audio-book to the The Interconnectedness of Life, entitled The Awakening. We can’t divulge too much information, but it will feature some amazing musicians and the narration by me. It will be a free MP3 download with the option to be able to donate. Cheers and thank you for the support.

Excerpt from the book The Interconnectedness of Life

Looking back, we can see how disastrous humans were forcing violence and cruelty upon each others and upon the world. As we look into the future with our intelligence and technology we can only hope for a better world at peace and harmony. In this hard to believe world we live in, I can’t believe we have come this far.

Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. We’ve been living here for just a short fraction of this time. Every one of us is a link to the future; every seed planted is a hope for years to come for human progress. It’s time we look squarely at the issues and look down at our plates. What we do from herein, how we mentally and spiritually connect with the world is up to each and every one of us.

In the Garden there were fruits where Adam and Eve ate the apple. The apple symbolizes unconditional love for all of nature and the creatures. The lion sits beside the lamb in peaceful coexistence; everything was in harmony until after the apple was eaten.

After the Garden of Eden we started looking upon other plants and eventually animals, as our food source. This lead to the demise of the natural world around us, seeing everything potentially as a threat or food. We started seeing women as property only to be served by man, blacks as slaves and animals as food items. This is why we don’t live in true peace. There can not be peace without their ever being harmony between us all. In the Garden of Eden there can not be any fishing rods or fishing boats, animal farms or destructive monoculture of grains. In the Garden of Eden no petro-chemicals exist, no violence of any sort, or theft, fear or hatred towards anyone. The Garden of Eden is that of love and compassion for all.

Endless hours preparing and cooking foods, energy waste from the cooking process, the never-ending list continues. Fruit is fast food, freeing up time to pursue healthy pursuits. All one may need is a knife and a spoon. Some fruits such as apples, pears, bananas and oranges can be eaten very easily without any utensils at all. As gathering Homosapiens, foraging for fruit, we came upon a fruit tree and devoured it until we were satiated. Supermarkets carry all sorts of processed and refined foods in packages, bottles and cans that also require huge amounts of petro-chemicals to produce. It takes huge machines, energy and heat to process the foods and packaging, making packaged foods one of the ultimate destruction to the Earth. And where does the packaging materials go? Some of it is recycled or reused, but most of the packaging ends up in the landfills or oceans. This is because a lot of materials can not be recycled.

As a teenager and young adult, I questioned everything. I wondered if this was the way we were supposed to live. I didn’t understand why there was so much violence all around us; why humans were destroying the environment and how we were disrespectful to animals. I started meditating as a young adult trying to understand all of this. I saw documentary films and did research on the internet, but I just couldn’t understand. I always tell people, question everything. A lot of subjects in school are not relevant in today’s world. When we start questioning everything we were once taught, we start opening our hearts to all the suffering around us. When we witness all the suffering around us we’ll want to make the world a better place. And when we make (or at least try) making the world around us better, we’ll start witnessing everything that was once negative as positive. If we want to live in the Garden of Eden, we must bring The Garden of Eden to Earth. How can we create a world of peace when our minds our so clouded with childhood teachings?

When we question society, we are going against the grain. In reality though, we are not fighting or going against anyone, we are just sharing our message of unconditional love for all beings. When we see our movement as a love movement, loving, caring and teaching others, no longer will we see negativity around us.

Mandate Tim Hortons to offer vegan options!

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Ever noticed that Tim Hortons has very few vegan options? We need to change this. It will benefit humans, animals, and their company.

In my video, I suggest a few ways that Tim Hortons can incorporate a few vegan options to their menu, and they can even veganise their current products with “Beyond Eggs” from Hampton Creek Foods, which is endorsed by Bill Gates.

My petition needs to reach 100,000 signatures before I email the petition to Tim Hortons’ head office and suggest the aforementioned changes.

Lucie Battaglia

Get Your Body Into Balance on Blog Talk Radio with Michael Lanfield

Proud to say I was interviewed on Get Your Body into Balance with Michael and Theressa Rothberg. Listen or download the 2 hr. interview. Go to the youtube page to download or listen to the full interview. YouTube Preview Image

Out of the city in September

Hello everyone,

Another update. I’ll be moving in about a week, but the new place won’t be ready yet to move in. I am going away for September to do some writing and filming for The Interconnectedness of Life. The new website for the project is being designed as I write this, and to create the website will take some time. I know you’re all excited to see it, but please be patient as I design it. Most likely the site will be ready end of 2013. Love – Michael